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10. July 2018
Like those emails, other forms of digital clutter can inhibit us from living life and take us away from our goals. Here at Trevi, we are on a mission to help you, our readers, find ways to eliminate the distractions in life. We want to offer up some ideas that will help you do that. We hope as you eliminate some of the clutter you will find time to focus on your goals, and time to focus on improving your personal finances, so you can feel just a little bit more free in this world.

09. July 2018
Everyone thinks their particular issue is the most important thing, and it must be addressed at this very moment. The reality is very little of what we do in our day job is about life and death. In my career, there is nothing that rises to that level of importance. Yet, for many of my colleagues, they think their particular fire at this very moment is the most important thing the world has ever seen.