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05. July 2018
Getting your finances in order are kind of liking having a first aid kit. Yes, this is by analogy – medical stuff is in a league of its own – being prepared on the personal finance front is really important – because you never know what life is going to send your way.

29. June 2018
Take time to complete a mid-year check up... on your goals and your finances!

05. June 2018
Don't whiff on your budget at sporting events!

26. March 2018
Clutter can come into your life in many different forms. A too busy schedule, a house full of stuff, an overwhelming amount of mail - snail mail and electronic. I like to think of clutter as excess noise. Noise that can drown out what’s really important in life. Does your life feel cluttered? Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant noise in your life? I think many of us feel that way these days. I know I do. For me, clutter in my everyday life often comes in the form of my job. Early in my...

18. March 2018
At some point in your life, you have probably purchased a lottery ticket. The allure of that big jackpot… you plan out your dream vacation, you think through all the things you’ll do with the money. Your excitement builds. The drawing happens. Aaaand, you don’t win. On one of our Trevi planning days, Sarah and I, bought lottery tickets. We had it all planned out what we’d do with the winnings – a little extra capital to inject into the business, some cash for each of our families for...

11. March 2018
It’s that time of year here in the Pacific Northwest where we are teased with the emerging signs of spring - the first flowers are blooming, the air temperature has warmed, and the sun is out. Daylight savings time has returned (although the first few days are very painful for us non-morning people), and sunset is now past 7 PM. It’s a great time of the year - hope emerging from the dreary, rainy days of winter. At this time of the year sunny days may still be fleeting in parts of the...

29. January 2018
When we think of sources for our money, so often, the first thought is our job. And for the vast majority of us, our job provides our primary income. As each year moves along though, the reality is few of us will get the proverbial “gold watch” from any employer. In fact, for most of us here in 2018, we will work for a number of employers over the years, and many of us will have several “careers” over our working life. Have you ever had your boss tell you “this isn’t personal,...

21. January 2018
Sometimes when we hear the word “budget” we start to worry that we might not be able to do the things we love. Budget math can be a reality check. It forces us to think about the reality of our expense situation, and make adjustments. A good budget means we spend a little less money than we bring in - and we set aside money for those unexpected expenses that inevitably will arise in the future. A budget is by no means something that should keep us from doing the things we love – rather it...