26. July 2018
When it comes to kids and money, it is important to start talking about money at a young age. They get bombarded with advertisements all the time. They see stuff other kids have, and they decide they need those things too. We can’t stop that but we can give kids some of the basic tools of good personal finance.

25. July 2018
Savings. For many of us, we don’t feel like we have enough. Some may be living “paycheck to paycheck” – others may have at least some reserves set aside. Some may not know how much to save. Or where to save it. We look at the present and wonder why we haven’t saved more. We look to the future and wonder if we’ll be able to cover the unexpected.

24. July 2018
For some, vacation can be a lot of fun, but also stressful on the financial front. We hear of incredible life experiences friends and neighbors are having and we pine to get out there ourselves. And sometimes we end up spending way more than we should.

23. July 2018
Saving requires intention, dedication, and action. But setting up automatic savings can be so easy. And your future self will thank you!

19. July 2018
When leaving a Company, what’s the best way to approach your 401k plan? When you leave a Company, you have a few options.

18. July 2018
We need more compassion and kindness in this world. We need to recognize what the important things really are - and it boils down to the need to simply care for other people rather than get cranky, annoyed and pissed off. Kids can teach us so much. They will absolutely test our patience. But showing a little more kindness and love toward others will go a long way to make the headlines seem just a little bit better. A society that cares well for children is a society we can all be proud of.

17. July 2018
If you are moving to a job in a new organization, one of the things you will need to think through are the health insurance options you will have to choose from. For most of us, interpreting the insurance-speak on the paperwork is mind-numbing and it feels like we are reading a foreign language. Changing jobs is always a stressful time – keep these considerations in mind as you as you look at your healthcare options with your new employer.

16. July 2018
At some point, we all consider changing jobs. Sometimes we focus solely on the underlying work, title, etc and don’t think about the financial elements to consider. Our next few blog posts will focus on some of the considerations around job changes – especially the financial aspects as you make your move.

13. July 2018
The allure of “great” deals... The goal of the merchants isn’t simply to give you, the customer, a good deal on the promotional product. The hope is you will buy some other things while you are in picking up your promotional item. And the psychology of the marketing theory behind this is sound. Playing to human nature, we intend to buy item A, but then we see item B and C and figure, “why not, we are here, and it won’t add THAT MUCH to our bill.”

12. July 2018
Outside of the holiday season, it seems like the only things we get in the mail are either bills or junk mail. When was the last time you received a personal letter from someone? Sure, you might see a postcard or two a couple of times a year… but a letter? You might as well say it out loud now: “never” – it’s a think of the past. As a society, we are even moving beyond phone calls and emails. Nowadays it’s messaging services and social media. Yet… the junk mail seems to pile up.

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