Mid-Year Check-Up

Can you remember back to last New Years? It might be a little hazy six months later for a variety of reasons. Many of us reflected on 2017, and looked with excitement towards 2018. We set goals... we told ourselves (and maybe even our friends) that 2018 will be the best year yet. 


And now here we are. Halfway through the year.


How are you doing on those goals? Do you feel like 2018 is the best year of your life so far?


In many ways, 2018 may have a similar look at feel to 2017. The year on the calendar changed, but has our life changed in substantive ways?


For some of us, the answer may be yes - maybe we have a new job, maybe we moved, maybe we have a new relationship, or let old relationships go. Maybe we got a big pay raise, or paid off some old debt (like a car, student loans, a big credit card balance). 


But in many ways, a new year is simply a passage of time. We stay in our same habits and patterns - and nothing big changes. We keep plodding ahead, not quite getting things where we want to be - we just kind of let life happen.


So let's pause for a moment and get to the real question: How are you doing with those goals you set out for 2018?


We are half way through the year, so it's time to sit down and work through a little check up. Here are some things to think about:

  • First and foremost, take a look at the goals you set. If you didn't write them down, reach back in your memory and recall them.
  • How are you doing against these goals? Where have you made progress? Where have you taken the eye off the ball? 
  • Have your life circumstances changed, and as a result, have you changed your goals?
  • Looking at the rest of the year, where do you want to go with your goals? 
  • Take some time and outline what steps you need to take this weekend, next week, over the next month, etc. to reach the things you want to accomplish this year.

One of the important things to remember as you work through this exercise is you don't want to beat yourself up. We all miss goals that we set for ourselves - that's part of life.


But, it's also important to use this mid-year check up and make sure to reset - reset with your hopes and dreams in mind.


We only get to live life once - we need to live intentionally each and every day. We don't know what the future holds - but we can take steps every day to live into our dreams. We have an opportunity to wake up each morning and ask ourselves what we want to do with life TODAY.  So make the most of it - be intentional. Cut out the things that don't help you move forward. Say no where you need to say no. Be very thoughtful in how you use and manage your time.


We encourage you to read our pages on taking stock and goal setting - take steps every day to live intentionally.  Over time you will find that making active, intentional decisions will benefit your financial life. You will find yourself spending less on the things that don't matter and being more focused on the things that do matter.


Cheers to the second half of 2018!

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