A Day to Celebrate!

Today marks an informal celebration day... were you aware that it's "National Best Friends" Day? 


We all hopefully have a couple of people who are in the "best friends" category in our lives. If we really think about what that means, we can probably count the people on one hand who fit this bill. These are the people we truly confide in, who we'd rather talk to before we talk to others - and people who we can even cry with and know they won't be judging us, but rather will support us - even if it's just by laying a hand on our shoulder.


They aren't just close friends - they are special people to us - they are the ones we'd run through the wall with or for and we wouldn't look back. They are people we think about first when good things happen and are excited to share it with. And when the not so good things happen, they are the people we want to talk to and commiserate with because they've got the presence (and sometimes the words) that helps us get through things. Besides family they are the people who know us best - and even in some ways may know us better than family. 


Why would we write about National Best Friends Day on a personal finance blog?


The answer is pretty simple - because it's important to have that inner circle in our lives! Studies show that having a few really close friendships are important to our health and our sanity. And if something helps us maintain or improve our health or sanity... well, that helps us as we approach our finances!


Finances aren't meant to be thought of in a vacuum or in isolation to the other parts of our lives. Too often, people get stressed out about finances and sweep them under the rug. Things get out of control - we charge away on our credit cards, we spend down our bank accounts. We just don't want to think about it so we just do. These things make it harder to be present for those closest to us.


If we think about our lives holistically, finances and friends are both part of the story. As we seek to improve our own finances, our friendships benefit as well. They benefit because as we take just a little bit of the stress out of managing our money, it makes it easier to be present for people - both our best friends and our family - when they need us. It allows us to feel just a little bit freer to live into who we are and to spend quality time with those most important to us.


We may even have that best friend that we talk about money issues with - that person who can truly encourage us along the way as we seek to take the personal finance stress out of life. Value that person - they can help us through the hard work of getting better at managing our money.


Here at Trevi part of our goal is to encourage people to find ways to live more fully into their lives - and become more of who they really are. We value encouraging people to seek freedom from the things that control their time - and that includes stressful, messy financial lives. We know that finances stress the vast majority of people out there. 


People worry as to whether there will there be enough $$ to put food on the table, pay the bills, see the doctor, take a vacation or even plan for retirement. These are real world worries - and real world problems. They take us away from people who are important to us. We are here to help you find some tips along the way to take some of that stress out - so keep an eye out on our posts, and check out our personal finance education page as we make updates to it.


And in honor of #NationalBestFriends Day - here are a couple of things to think about to make this day just a little bit special:

  1. Reach out to your best friends and simply say HI. Know they love to hear from you - even if it's just a text message!
  2. Tell your best friends they are important to you and you value them. 
  3. Thank your best friends for being themselves. Best friends may give each other a hard time, but at the end of the day, you truly value who they really are.
  4. Find a way to have a good laugh with your best friends - it takes the edge off of stress you might be dealing with.

And remember - just be present for those people most important to you. They are a gift - and know that you are a gift to them, too. You don't have to have the magic words - it's more about sometimes just being there for them!

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