Who is on the $100 bill?

 Can you name the presidents on our common bills in circulation here on Presidents Day?


One hint... none of our recent presidents are on any bills, at least not yet…. Is Trump next? 😏


The reality is it isn’t in the cards anytime soon for Donald Trump, or any of our other recent presidents. Since it is Presidents Day, it’s time for a little refresher on our currency - and the history of the presidency.


Who is your favorite president? Do they make the list?


We are all familiar with George Washington… our first president who graces the $1 bill. But what about others?


Ulysses S. Grant was the last president to make the list for any of the common denominations that are still in circulation and have been printed in recent years. Following his service as a Civil War General, Grant was elected as the 16th President of the United States and served two terms from 1869 to 1877.


When you think of currency commonly in circulation, you probably are familiar with the faces of presidents currently in circulation:

  • $1 George Washington (1st President)
  • $2 Thomas Jefferson (3rd President)
  • $5 Abraham Lincoln (16th President)
  • $10 Alexander Hamilton (nope, not a Prez)
  • $20 Andrew Jackson (7th President)
  • $50 Ulysses S. Grant (18th President)
  • $100 Benjamin Franklin (nope, not a Prez)

In the past, other higher denominations have been printed - but you probably won’t see any of them around. During the Obama administration, there was chatter about printing a trillion dollar coin to solve some problems around the “debt ceiling” that our government bumps up against every so often. So who knows what the future might hold, we might see some new denominations, with some new faces on them.


Presidents Day is a great weekend to get good deals on things, but it’s also a good weekend to think about savings and your budget. So while you hear all these great ads for things that are on sale, we encourage you to think twice before spending your hard earned money.


Trevi Tip: Save as many Washingtons as you can… eventually you’ll have a bunch of Franklins!


Even small sums of cash, if saved, can add up to much larger sums over time. When you are debating a purchase today - especially if you really don’t need it, it might be better to put that money to work - check out our very brief intro to investing for a little background and encouragement.

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