Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL!!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!


We’ll keep this Trevi blog post short, so you can get back to the fun you’ve got going today.


Millions will watch the Super Bowl game today between the Eagles and the Patriots – football, commercials – and the half time show all taking center stage. It’s a big day for people to sit in front of the television! It’s a big day for the advertisers – and in turn, it can be a big day in the sense that those ads could impact your personal budget for the next weeks.


Hopefully we’ll see a great game played out (we’ll keep our view on the odds quiet) – and we’ll get to spend some good time with family and friends enjoying one of the most watched events on television. As you spend time watching those commercials today, enjoy the creativity – and the marketing genius behind them.


Commercials aren’t just for entertainment… they are designed to draw you into the story – i.e. suck you into the narrative and make you a part of it. The goal is to get you excited … and hopefully convince you that you need to buy (or buy more) some product or service. The intent is to make the story personal – and show you some glimpse of how your life might be better (even if ever so slightly) if you spend a little more and buy something that may not be part of your budget.


So just because the story on that favorite commercial might make you think you need something… don’t give in if it’s not part of your budget! Developing some level of control to avoid unnecessary spending is part of the puzzle in moving your personal finances forward. It takes time, and we all make mistakes – but cutting out unnecessary expenses will help you move the needle forward.


Trevi Tip: Marketing is meant to get you to spend just a little bit more. After you see that incredible commercial, stop yourself before you reflexively buy the product and ask yourself if you really need it? If it’s not part of your budget (i.e. spending plan), and it does nothing to move you closer to your goals, chances are it’s not an expense worth pursuing.


So enjoy the game – and all the festivities! But… don’t forget that the intent of all those commercials is to get you to spend a little more money… marketers don’t really care about your personal budget! 

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