It's a New Year!

does your resolution list look something like this?

  • Travel more… maybe a local hideaway or a chic international destination?
  • Exercise more… yep, this involves actually getting off the couch and moving a bit.
    No excuses, just do it!
  • Lose weight… ignore those unhealthy office snacks… and exercise
  • Spend more time with family and friends… they are great people, and your biggest fans!
  • Try a new hobby… ferret racing anybody?
  • Learn a new skill… become an OULA or ski Instructor
  • Get a new job… it’s a good job market, and there is no reason to get beat up every day by that bat s#$$ crazy boss of yours!

and what about those financial goals?

  • Save more money… let’s face it, it will help you reach more of those other goals
  • Develop a budget… and stick to it! It will help you feel more in control of things!
  • Learn how to invest… over time, this will help you move towards financial freedom!

Don’t let your 2018 resolutions get lost in the shuffle

Trevi Tips:

  • Take a moment, write down your resolutions.
  • Evaluate your progress throughout the year.
  • Keep them in a visible location.
  • Have fun with them!
  • And do the little things each day that get your closer and closer to meeting your goals!

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